Veils History

Many theories surround the origins of wedding veils and how they came to be a popular wedding accessory in modern weddings.  From being used to cover the face of a bride from her betrothed to simply adding a decorative note to the modern bride's attire.

Traditional church weddings often see a veiled bride as a show of respect, by covering the shoulders and face when entering Church.

The ancient Romans used wedding veils to protect a bride from evil spirits, while in medieval times it symbolized the female's purity and chastity.

Wedding veils may have been invented because of arranged marriages, so that the groom could not see the bride's face until after the ceremony was completed and the marriage finalized.

In some cultures throughout history, a wedding veil protected a bride from being seen by other men who might steal her away before the wedding could take place.

Church veils or mantillas, have been part of religious history since Christianity began. Rooted in the Catholic faith, parishioners often wear church veils during church services and occasionally wear them during wedding ceremonies.

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